Who’s Voices Whisper In Your Head?

We all hear voices in our heads.

Some of those voices encourage us to believe in ourselves and some of them break us down and cause low self-esteem.

Who’s voice are you listening to?

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Your Life Is NOT An Experiment

You can’t die with the music in you.

What you have to give, we need.

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Know Your Life’s Purpose

Your identity should be known by you.

Before you leave the planet you should have a clear and accurate answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’

Your life’s purpose and all your passions are tightly woven into¬†your identity.

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What Is Empathy, Sympathy And Compassion?

As a Life Coach or someone engaged in helping relationships how does one draw a distinction between empathy, sympathy and compassion?

Empathy, sympathy and compassion are three very important human experiences when it comes to loving and journeying with people.

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Our Cycles Of Addiction

We all struggle with some kind of addiction.

How does one break the cycle of addiction? How does one overcome the demon of addiction that overtakes our will and leave us dry and dead afterwards?

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The Way You Speak Love

The 5 love languages is a simplistic, but powerful model in understanding the love language of your partner.

Knowing your own and your partner’s love language helps your relationship blossom.

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Love And Helping Relationships

Unconditional positive regard is love.

It builds strong helping relationships, the best space where we can grow. To be love is a choice we make. We can choose to become love to those that need love.

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Love Is The Fertile Soil Of Human Growth

Love is elusive, but it remains the fertile soil of our growth as humans.

Coaches create relationships with their clients where their clients feel loved and accepted.

It is in this atmosphere that coaching clients grow and become who they are meant to be.

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You Can Become Who You Desire To Be

All the potential is already present within you to become everything you are born to be.

God and the whole universe conspire with you to reach your full potential.

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