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Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology), CEO and owner of Dust consulting in conjunction with BBD, one of the largest privately owned IT companies in South Africa, developed a Personality app for the iPhone.

The personality app, ‘Personality at work‘ measures three major dimensions of a person’s personality, i.e.

  1. Life Orientation
  2. Thinking Process, and
  3. Preferred Lifestyle

The app works on scales of opposites and gives an indication of the following sub-elements of a person’s personality:

1. Life orientation

  • Introvert vs Extrovert
  • Things Focused vs People Focused
  • Deliberate vs Expressive
  • Team Player vs Independent

2. Thinking Process

  • Whole vs Parts
  • Theoretical vs Practical
  • Abstract vs Concrete
  • Spiritual vs Natural

3. Preferred Lifestyle

  • Open-ended vs Decisive
  • Punctual vs Non-punctual
  • Relaxed vs Driven
  • Structured vs Flexible

Download the app from the iPhone App Store by clicking the link below

Download from the App Store now

If you need any support with the app from BBD, please send an e-mail to

For a very interesting video clip on BBD’s history click their logo (below)


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